Vreid - Milorg

21 de fev de 2009


Vreid - Milorg

‘Milorg' is already the fourth album of Norway’s Vreid in scarcely five years time. Fortunately this productivity has not gone at the expense of quality. In fact, with every album this band seems to improve. Just like on ‘I Krig' the Norwegian resistance during the second world war served as an inspirational source and particularly the resistance group Milorg. I find such thematics refreshing in the sometimes rather smelly black metal scene.

Vreid’s style has been preserved but has become clearly more serious without sacrificing the melodies. On previous albums some songs seemed lost and out of place. That problem has now been resolved and as a result of which the album sounds like a unit. They regularly show their epic or progressive side, as in songs like ‘Alarm' and ‘Speak Goddamnit'. The rock influences are somewhat downplayed now, allowing the melodies to carry the songs this time. Also there is more balance between aggression and melancholy also aided by a fine organic but clear sound. The mood of the album can be characterised as nostalgic without being kitsch. Vreid again takes a step forward in quality and therefore can I securely state that this is their best album so far.

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Melodic Black Metal, Norway
Full-length, Indie Recordings
January 5th, 2009

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