Mencea - Dark Matter Energy Noir

21 de fev de 2009


Mencea - Dark Matter Energy Noir

Yesterday I watched a long documentary about the universe. Starting from the paltry yet essential clod close to the sun – our planet earth – they went back in time to the ultimate outskirts of the firmament, there where imploding stars become black holes and white dwarves and clusters of sulphuric acid majestically glide through eternal space. This spatial information always fascinates me and it brought me to Mencea, a new Greek band who recently released its excellent debut ‘Dark Matter Energy Noir’.

As you can read in the interview, Mencea was founded by a number of young Greek musicians. Two of them were already fairly skilled in recording processes. It took some time before they reached their unique musical identity, but since they did not act without discretion, it resulted in a very mature debut. It manifests itself at full power. ‘The Passing’ creates confusion by its unusual timbres. Extensive death grunts, sometimes at the edge of screaming vocals (with a tinge of hardcore) may deter some of you, but mark the amazing textures and undercurrent of melodious notes. There is absolutely more than meets the eye! This is a jaunt through modern metal, meeting with serpentine Amon Amarth riffs and soaring keyboards in ‘Ardad’. Solid Swedish steel on the other hand in ‘Deep In The Under’. The sound is like a massive rock, sometimes close to black metallic accelerations. In addition everything is so groove-laden that it remains catchy. This is a true challenge they surely achieved! ‘When Strife And Greed Collide’ summarizes all this one more time in nine minutes beauty: maximum velocity against drawling slowness, powder away against atmospheric parts (made me think of Hypocrisy’s spatial era). It is all within this gem, in which even the staccato tightness of industrial pops up for a second. It may be obvious that ‘Dark Matter Energy Noir’ turned into a delicious titbit for people who love innovative metal without boundaries.

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Progressive Death Metal, Greece
Full-length, indie recordings
October 14th, 2008

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