Zwenz - A Life's Work of Natrgaard

28 de jul de 2009


Zwenz - A Life's Work of Natrgaard

On his newest release "A life's work of Natrgaard" Natrgaard has a completely new style. Before he made Black Metal, more and more influenced with an atmospheric sound. Now on this latest release it is not really Black metal anymore, rather Folk Metal or let us call it "Nature Metal" (which I think Natrgaard wants it to be).

The music itself is by far calmer and more epic as before. That does not mean, that there aren't faster and more rocking parts, but the focus does not lie on them. Even the harsh and raw vocals from for example "Weltenfahrt jenseits der Karte" have mostly been replaced by clean vocals. Natrgaard sure is not the best clean vocalist, I liked his rawer vocals a little bit better, but he does a good job. And important to mention is that the Burzum and Nargaroth like influences from the former albums have mostly disappeared, if one has to compare "A Life's work" with another band "Empyrium" or maybe "Surturs Lohe" jump to my mind, though "Zwenz" has its own sound and still manages to be more than a copy of a famous or legendary band. The production values are great too. Clear sound, as far as I can tell no errors in playing and some nice soundsamples make the album great to listen to.

Still this is not a really professional album, but I am sure when Natrgaard gets signed by a label or gets the chance to release something on a label, I am sure he will keep up the good work. He has more talent and more ideas than many other (even very good) bands in the Black Metal underground scene, that is certain.

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Black Metal, Germany
Full-length, Self-Produced
April 2005

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