Raxa - MezoVedic

3 de abr de 2009


Raxa - MezoVedic

If you were interested in Tenochtitlan but found their music to be a bit too much "world music" and not enough metal, I am pleased to inform you that Lefthander's similar project is far more balanced. Even if you've never heard of them, but like bands that mix metal with Pre-Hispanic instrumentation such as Yaotl Mictlan, Ek, and Ch'aska (just to name a few) I think you will find this album to be quite in your taste. And if you haven't heard of those bands, well then do so.

This is one of those albums that for some may take more than one more listen to get into. I know I was a bit reluctant at first. The big difference between Raxa and the bands mentioned earlier is that due to the heavy use of keyboards in order be atmospheric, you may feel sometimes that you're at the freaking dentist's waiting room, or a very strange kind of spa. This is why unless you don't mind the whole atmospheric thing, you may actually have to wait to digest this album.

But once you get over this, the journey can begin. MezoVedic is quite an awesome album. Unlike Tenochtitlan's latest endeavor, Lefthander takes his time with the songs, combining both clean and growling vocals; both heavy riffs and tranquilizing breaks that avoid the cheap, sudden shifts back to the metal to seem heavier than what the music really is. Also, tracks such as "Incumbeni Kadingirra", and "Calm in the Hall of two Truths" combine Lefthander's vocals with female vocals, further enriching the album.

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Doom Metal / Folk / Ambient, Russia
Full-length, Mystic Empire
April 2008

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