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31 de out de 2008


Striborg/Xasthur - Striborg/Xasthur


The other half of this album comes from Sin Nanna, who seems to have gained a lot of attention recently. The drumming sounds less machine like, and more existent than the Xasthur side. Of course the guitars sound even more distorted then Malefic’s usual noise, but it adds to the ever popular depressive black metal fell. Sin Nanna changed his vocals a bit, which was a relief, gone is the distorted howling from Nefairia (that made him sound more like a Xasthur clone), instead he performs the vocals with a nice distorted black metal rasp.


Malefic has been known for creating a totally unique depressive sound. The use of heavy turned keyboards among a massive sea of distortion, machine tempo drumming and his trademark vocal howl are all present here so Xasthur fan’s can still rejoice. “A Tortured Shallow Grave” doesn’t sound as dark as some of his other works, instead it sounds more atmospheric. He adds in some kind of wind sound effects (I’m not sure if this was done with keyboards or not), to make it more somber sounding.

In terms of a split, both bands produce a nice atmosphere so you don’t get a contrast of styles. This release will get cult status really quickly due to AKR’s marketing strategy, and I expect that it will soon be swallowed up by the legions of black metal fans everywhere. Both bands produce a nice offering, which should tide me over until I can get my hands on the new albums. I recommend this for everybody, especially if you are looking for an introduction to either band.

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Xastur - Black Metal, USA
Striborg - Black Metal / Ambient, Australia

, Autopsy Kitchen Records
June 2007

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